Table Toppers From $12.99 -$14.99!

One thing that I'd like to share with you is my love for Table Toppers! When i go to Sicily i make sure to set up my trip around the Flea Markets, cause i do my shopping for Table Toppers, Dolies, and Bedspreads! I bet you wanna know why do i stock up on Table Toppers. Well if you have a Dining Room set and you only put on your Table a Table Runner, you may want to think about putting a Table Toppers instead. In Sicily they also put beautiful Table Toppers on there Kitchen and Dining Room Table.
To me Table Toppers look like a Mini Table Cloth and i think my Dining room always looks Dressed up and Elegant!! I especially love to get Holiday Table Toppers to put on my Kitchen Table along  with my Dining Room!  Go here

There are so many Table Toppers here in the U.S.A now a days,  i have spotted a few at Collections etc.at excellent prices!
 I like this Embroidered Gerbera Daisy Table Linens for $14.99! Comes also in Cream.

*Scalloped Edge Flower Basket Table Linens for $14.99!

*Flowering Vine Cutwork Embroidered Table Linens for $14.99!

*Embroidered Rose Decorative Table Linens for $12.99!

*Here is one of my favorite Holiday Toppers.Autumn Harvest Diecut Decorative Table Linens for $12.99!

*Holiday Hollyberry Embroidered Table Linens for $14.99!

If you don't already use Table Toppers in your Dining and Kitchen Table, i hope this gives you an idea to maybe redecorate your Tables on the Cheap! But they will still look Dressed up and Elegant!!

If you know of any other Online Table Topper Store let us know in the Comment section!

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