Shark Rechargeable Floor and Carpet Sweeper at Walmart-$30!

Make cleaning your home fast and easy with this Shark Floor and Carpet Sweeper!  Walmart offers the Shark Rechargeable Floor and Carpet Sweeper,  for $29.96 + $4.97 Shipping fee! Choose in-store pickup to avoid the  shipping fee.   Go here

It features a powerful motorized brush roll to pick up dust and dirt in almost any space. The 10" cleaning path makes it a breeze to finish a room, while the swivel steering allows you to get in difficult-to-reach corners and under furniture. The Shark Rechargeable Sweeper easily sweeps debris into a dust cup that is easy to empty when you are finished. This sweeper has a long reach to get to almost any space. Plus, the quiet sound of the sweeper ensures that you can clean whenever it is convenient for you without disturbing others.

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