Sorry No Posts ( I'll be back soon)

Unfortunately its been a while since i have posted anything on a steady basis. Its just been a crazy 2 yrs of not being steady on my blog! Those of you who don't know my 22yr old had a cancerous Tumor in his head that we found out threw a car accident, he had it removed and has gone threw Radiation and Kemo! He's finally done with all that, but every three months we have to go for MRI's . Now we have decided to go back to Bari, Italy and visit our Saint Padre Pio, to thank him and the Lord Jesus Christ, along with the virgin Mary and every one else up there who helped my son out. He has been blessed and was helped a lot. In this situation you will find yourself asking help from everyone!! I will be gone for about a month for this spirtual trip! When i get back i hope everything will be back to normal with my Blog and at Home!!
Thanks so much for your patience!!

Go here  and HERE to read about Padre Pio!

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