Diamond Towel Collection Bath Towels $2

We all could use extra Towels!! Well with this sale you will want to pick some up! Pick up  these Diamond Towel Collection Bath Towels, which  drop from $4 to $1.99 at Anna's Linens. Shipping adds $9.99. 
 Shipping is high but i think the best thing to do is to buy at least five towels, which works out to $3.98 per towel shipped. These towels measure 24"Wx46 1/2"L and are currently available in nine color choices.   Go here

  • Made from absorbent fabric
  • 100% Cotton
  • Choose from 3 styles - Hand Towel, Wash Towel, Bath Towel
  • Choice of 9 colors - Black,� Gold, Dark Brown, White, French Rose, Ruby, Sand, Spruce Green, and Steel Blue
Product Measurements:
  • Bath Towel - 24"Wx46 1/2"L
  • Hand Towel - 16"Wx26 1/2"L
  • Wash Towel - 11"Wx11 1/2"L

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