Get Ready for School Box Sets: Pick Pre-School, Kindergarten, or First Grade $9.95!

Here's a nice School Box set that LTD has on sale, to help your child out and be better prepared when School starts in September!  These sets start out for Children starting Pre-k, Kindergarten, and First Grade! Each School Box Set gives kids a fun head start on their education. Organized by grade levels, each set includes exercises that engage and challenge children as they build skills for the coming school year. Write-and-erase components let them practice and revisit material until they get it right. Get it all for $9.95 + $5.95 shipping!    Go here

  • Give kids a jump on their early school years!
  • Each box set includes:
    • 4 Learning books
    • 3 Double-sided write-and-erase mats
    • 52 Double-sided write-and-erase flash cards
    • Reading reward chart with stickers and bookmarks
    • Write-and-erase marker
  • Get Ready for Preschool:
    • Shapes, animals, letters, first words, numbers, colors and more
    • Ages 3 and up
  • Get Ready for Kindergarten:
    • Rhyming, opposites, letters, numbers, addition, subtraction and more
    • Ages 4 and up
  • Get Ready for First Grade:
    • Reading, rhyming, time, money, grammar, addition, subtraction and more
    • Ages 5 and up

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