18 pc. Set of Super Mario Characters- $15 shipped FREE!

Who doesn't love the Mario Brothers!! I sure love them and all there games.  There little Characters are so  cute to put in your childs room as a decoration!  I have the Big Mario that holds my son's DS in his hands. Plus i have collected over the years lots of Mario's driving a toy car. This deal is a great way for you to get started, if you want to start collecting them for your child. You'll get a  18 pc. Set of Super Mario Characters for only $14.99 shipped FREE!  Go here

Relive the old school with this 18 pc. set of Super Mario Bros. characters. Whether you're a collector or just a fan, you can't afford to pass up this amazing deal!
You will receive the exact 18 pieces pictured.
Each character varies, but the average height is 4cm. Of course Donkey Kong's being the monster that he is, is 7cm!

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