Stylish EX3D Glasses $9.99 Shipped FREE!!

That's all i hear these days from my kids, watching shows on 3D! Well they will be happy to know that today only you and I can purchase 3D Glasses for only $9.99 shipped FREE!  

3D Movies and TV are a blast to watch, but the perfect viewing experience requires 3D glasses that deliver a clear and vibrant image, comfort, and style. That’s where this stylish pair of 3D glasses from EX3D comes in.
These shiny black glasses are compatible with RealD, MasterImage, MI-Clarity3D, and MI-200 equipped theaters, and also compatible with most passive 3D TVs, laptops, monitors, and gaming systems. It’s powered by M3D curved lens technology that provides visual clarity, reduced ghosting, clear viewing from all angles, and reduced glare. EX3D’s color specifications for their lenses assures true color fidelity and contrast clarity under all conditions.

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